Power & Authority

We all have the authority to be divine, but few have the power.

We all have choice. Choice is our Divine Right, and with choice, we have Authority. We all have the authority to choose.

The only thing that limits our choice is not knowing what to choose.

Not knowing what we want limits our choice and takes away our authority.

No authority equals no power.

When we exercise our Divine Authority, we automatically connect to our Divine Power.

Divine Authority is the choice of our Soul and the Power of our Soul is Love.

Our Soul has infinite love for Life and infinite Power. The Soul is Omnipotent.

With infite Love and eternal Light, the Soul has continuous Life in both physical and spiritual form.

When we make the choice of our Soul, we are empowered with the Divine Power of Love.

When we make the choice of our Self, we will have to rely on will power. which has no Divine Authority.