The only True power is Love.

Love is the emotional power of our Soul.

Love is the Pure Emotional Feeling that powers our Mind.

The Unconscious Mind that is our Soul is capable of Pure Thoughts that are emoted with the Feeling of Love.

The Soul unlike the ego Self is incapable of impure thought and negative emotion.

Sin means ‘without power’ and without love.

Our Conscious Mind under the stewardship of our Sub-Conscious Mind is capable of creating all possibilities of impure thought, that are by definition without power and are sinful.

Sinful thoughts require ‘will power’ to become actions because impure thoughts are devoid of Divine Power.

Divine thoughts are transmitted on the frequency, wavelength and vibration of Pure Love.

A sinful world exists because we all have choice.

The Divine Choice is always to Live with the Power of Divine Love sponsoring and powering our every thought.