Our society currently operates on the belief that power requires ability:

  • The ability of intelligence to learn and retain knowledge, because knowledge is power.
  • The ability to use that knowledge to earn money, because money is power.
  • The ability to use that money to ascend the hierarchy of society, because status is power.

Knowledge, money and status have become the gods of modern society, because we believe that they hold the key to our power.

In Truth – Ability requires both Power and Authority.

Power has no Ability without Authority, and Authority has no Ability without Power.

We connect to our Authentic Power by feeling the emotions of our Soul.

We connect to our Personal Authority by knowing the Truth of our Soul.

We connect to our Ability in Life by seeing who we really are (our Power) and why we are here (our Authority).

We are all creators with the potential to connect to our infinite Power. Our Ability to connect to our Power is limited only by our Authority to use it as our Soul intends.