Positive & Negative

Positive or negative is how we perceive the state of our energy to be, based on how much we are resisting the flow of Life.

Our resistance to the divine flow of pure energy is called our ‘stuff’. Our stuff is negative energy or emotional need created by our negative beliefs that are caused by our perspective of whether an experience or ‘drama’ is good or bad for us.

When everything that we are experiencing in our life is good and there is no bad, then we want everything that we have and we have everything that we want.

When there is no bad, there is nothing that we do not want and nothing that we do not have. This may be defined as a positive reality often called heaven or paradise.

However, positive cannot exist without negative in this relative world where we always have a choice of which polarity we choose.

The pursuit of a totally positive world will always be just that – a pursuit. Every pursuit is a drama that we can perceive from either a positive or a negative perspective.

Resistance creates a negative flow and our state of Well-Being is directly proportional to our force of positive energy. Our objective in life to experience Well-Being is therefore dependent on our ability to eliminate our negative resistance to Life.

The big question is: “How do we eliminate our negative resistance to Life in order to promote Well-Being”?

The key is to understand that ‘negative’ is just our perspective created by our experience and an experience created by our perspective.

When we change our perspective, we change the polarity of our flow and we change our experience.