Polarity means direction.

There are two directions in life: The positive direction or right way, and the negative direction or left way.

The right path is clarified by the positive emotion of Love. The left path is confused by the negative emotion of fear.

Love is the Way of the Inner Coach or Soul, which is the positive path.

We are authorised to follow either path because we have choice, yet only the positive path has Authority.

Authority is knowing the path of our Soul. It is not right or wrong. It is just the path of our Soul, because it is the path we have chosen as our Soul.

The path of my Soul is my Truth. The path of your Soul is your Truth.

The positive way is always effortless because it is powered by Love.

The negative way is either without effort or with much effort. Either way it is with resistance and without the power of Love.

When confronted with two choices the Soul’s Choice is always the 3rd way.

My destiny is the journey of my Life, which is to experience the Way of my Truth along the right path.

Only the Inner guidance of my Soul will show me the Way and the Truth of my Life.