Physical Time & Space

We measure physical time as distance divided by speed.

I Day (of time) is equal to the distance of one revolution of the Earth divided by its speed of revolution. [ 1 day = 24,000 miles / 1000 mph = 24 hours].

We measure physical space or the space betwen physical objects as a volume when it is 3 dimensional; as an area when it is 2 dimensional; and as a distance when it is 1 dimensional. Therefore: distance = length; area = length x breadth; and volume = length x breadth x height (or depth).

We measure the space inside physical matter, which is the space between molecules and atoms, as its density. Density or specific gravity = weight (mass) / volume.

We measure physical time in hours, minutes and seconds.

We measure physical distance of rotation in space as degrees, minutes and seconds.

We measure physical distance in space in a straight line using time as a light-year (the distance light travels in a year).

Energy only becomes subject to time and space once it slows down sufficiently to materialise as matter. We can therefore only measure time and space relative to physical matter.

Spiritual Energy exists in Spiritual Time & Space and requires a different method of calculation.