Perspective & Perception

Perspective is how we know the polarity of our energy.

Our perspective is determined by the direction in which we are looking.

We look forward in a positive direction to a positive occurrence in the future.

We look backward in a negative direction to a negative experience in the past.

We always have choice and we always have a choice of perspective.

Our perspective is determined by our beliefs.

Positive beliefs manifest a positive reality and negative limiting beliefs or fears manifest a negative reality.

To change our perspective it is required to change a belief from negative to positive, from contractive to expansive, and from backward to forward thinking.

Perception is how we feel the gender of our energy.

Our Perception is realised through the clarity of our awareness.

Our female perceptions are high frequency, warm and soft.

Our male perceptions are low frequency, cool and hard.

We perceive different genders of opposing dual reality through the wavelength of our emotional state of Being.

To change our perception of Life, we are required to first realise the sponsoring belief that is creating the gender and intensity of our state of Being.

When we change our belief about a situation in Life, we are able to perceive a new and improved feeling about what is occurring in our Life.

We are able to perceive the Feeling of our Soul as a new State of Being by choosing a new emotional state to be in.