Personal Time, Speed & Distance

Personal time, speed & distance are unique and exclusive to each Individual.

We each have our own personal time, speed & distance.

Personal time is determined by the vibration of our spiritual energy. The greater our energy vibration, the more personal time that we have to consciously create our own Reality.

Personal distance is determined by the wavelength of our spiritual energy. The longer the wavelength of our emotion, the more stillness and equanimity we have between us and other people. We define the distance between our self and others as our personal Space.

Personal speed is determined by the frequency of our spiritual energy. The faster the frequency of our spiritual energy, the faster our thoughts manifest and the more personal time we have to make choices. We define this as our personal Time that is available to us.

Confusion arises because our physical time relative to speed and distance is a constant that everyone else shares. However our personal time is a unique vibration that is determined by our own exclusive Space-Time-Reality.

Personal Time that is the frequency of our Mental Thought is called our Light.

Personal Space that is the wavelength of our Emotional State of being is called our Love.

Personal Reality that is the vibration of our Physical Body is called our Life.