Personal Spiritual Development & Growth

Spiritual development is the personal growth of the Soul.

Spiritual growth is the personal development of the Self.

Personal spiritual development and growth is the journey of the Soul and the Self to becoming One.

The journey of the Self is through the relative physical world of dual reality.

The journey of the Soul is to guide and support its Self to transcend the relative dual reality world of physical life and align with the spiritual realm of Absolute Divinity.

The Self can only consciously undertake the journey of transformation, once it has been awakened to its destiny by its Soul.

Until the Self becomes aware of the existence of the Soul, there is nothing above or beyond the sense of Self to transcend.

It is only the awakening of the Self to the existence of its Divinity that allows the Self to contemplate a journey of transcendence and transformation to becoming Soul-like.

What the Self truly values is to become like its Soul. This is the Soul’s sole purpose – to unite its Self.

The purpose of the Soul & Inner Coach is to guide and support its Self to become alert to its messages of revelation; to become aware of its emotions of positive inspiration; and awake to its intuitive genius of imagination.