Personal Choice

Our thoughts are a reflection of our personal beliefs.

The emotion of our words is a measure of our state of being.

Our deeds are an expression of our behavioural dramas.

When we allow our thoughts, we authorise our choice.

When we approve the emotion in our words, we empower our choice.

When we accept our deeds, we enable our choice to become creative.

We make all choices in our life with the focus of our thoughts, words and deeds.

Our personal choice creates the reality of our life.

How we accept, approve and allow life to occur is our choice and becomes our reality.

Today’s personal choices create tomorrow’s personal reality.

We attract into our life everything that we focus our attention on.

Allowing, approving and accepting what turns up becomes pro-active when we disallow negative thoughts, disapprove negative emotions in our words and we make negative actions unacceptable.

When we allow only positive thoughts, approve only positive emotions in our words and accept only positive actions, we start to consciously create and project a positive life into our future.

We consciously create our future as our  personal choice, by what we are being, doing and having in each present moment of time.