Perdition, or hell in Christian belief, is where the souls of the unsaved suffer the consequences of sin.

The “Road to Perdition” is our journey through life called our fate or our doom.

Perdition is the “underworld” or temporary abode of those dead to spirit.

The souls of the unsaved or unawakened suffer the consequences of sin in the relative world of physical dual reality.

Sins means to be ‘without’. When we are without anything, we are in sin or duality.

When we are ‘with’ everything, we are Holy, Whole and Divine in the Absolute Realm of Divinity.

The Road to Perdition is in the opposite direction to our ‘Path of Life’ or the life path to our Destiny.

The underworld is the physical realm of relative dual reality. This is the temporary abode (life-time) of the unawakened physical incarnation of those who are ‘dead to spirit’ – the ego self that is disconnected from its Soul.