Per Pro & Proper

Per Pro means for and on behalf of. It is who we represent and who our authority is.

Our authority is our soul who re-presents us in each and every moment of time.

We represent our Soul as our self that is the physical representation for and on behalf of our Soul.

Proper describes who we are trying to be as the personality and character of the role that our ego self is playing out in the drama of life.

Being a proper person involves living up to the reality of our programming and allowing our fate to become our reality.

What is considered proper is seen as being in our right personality and behaving true to our character.

The paradox is that we are unaware of our true identity because our proper authority is unknown to us, until we become awakened.

Per-pro and pro-per are the same thing viewed from different perspectives.

Our unawakened perspective sees our proper reality as true and sees per pro as a pretense and a fiction.

Our awakened perspective sees our per pro reality as our Truth and our proper behaviour as an illusion that we live in until awakened.