Peace is the absence of conflict.

Peace is the absence of conflicting beliefs that create conflicting needs and conflicting choices.

When our ‘Inner World’ is in conflict, we express this outwardly as behaviour that is in conflict with others. This is called a drama.

Conflict exists in our world because we live in a relative dual reality world of opposing opposites.

Whenever we are confronted with a dilemma of two opposing choices, we are in conflict and we are disconnected from our Inner Peace.

Peace is the absence of conflict that has been created by dual reality life.

When we overcome duality, Peace returns as our reality.

Peace of Mind is choosing the 3rd Way because our third choice is always divine.

The paradox is that we need to find our peace of mind in order to have the time and space to explore the third way that brings us Peace of Mind.

Peace is a Divine State of Being and a Divine Attainment.

Our Soul is eternally at Peace.