Patience, Impatience, Anger & Fulfilment

Patience is learning to wait. It is the ability to wait for whatever we believe that we do not have, without getting angry.

When we get angry and lose our patience, we are demonstrating our impatience or our lack of ability to wait any longer, for what we believe that we do not have.

The more that we believe that we do not have something; the more we create that as our reality; the longer we will have to wait; and the more patience we will need.

Anger and patience are a duality similar to wrath and meekness and are one of the seven mortal sins and virtues.

They are in essence the same energy with differing polarities and, therefore, the more angry we get the more patience we will need.

The need for patience is often called self-control and the more patient we become the more latent anger we store up in our psyche. Patience is in fact unexpressed anger.

We are taught to express patience and suppress impatience, by not getting angry.

Managing anger or impatience by suppressing it means that eventually it will manifest in to the physical as an illness or a dis-ease. We effectively become a patient of our patience.

To break the patience-impatience cycle and dilemma requires a third way of responding, which is the fulfilment of our ‘service’.

Once we are being ‘served’ or fulfilled with our service, we are receiving everything that we ask for and we are waiting for nothing.

We are ‘in service’ and being ‘serviced’ once we are waiting ‘on’ our knowing that every thing that we have asked is already being delivered.

When we are filled full of the fulfilment of knowing that we have everything that we ask for, patience and anger are no longer required. We are waiting for nothing, and waiting on everything arriving.

Without patience, impatience or anger, fulfilment is guaranteed.

God’s Promise is to give us everything that we ask, even before we have asked. Our promise is to ask and to become fulfilled.