A Paradox is the appearance of two conflicting truths occurring at the same time.

Paradox is the nature of a dual reality world.

In a dual reality world, everything has an opposite and everything is relative and related to everything else.

Duality naturally creates paradox and conflict, because duality allows choice.

Paradox is a ‘signpost’ out of duality.

When we understand the paradox, we overcome duality.

Overcoming the paradox of life allows us to find the ‘3rd Way’ out of every dilemma.

Two choices appear to be a dilemma until we can solve the paradox.

When we perceive a dilemma as a paradox, two choices become the same opportunity and we have found the 3rd Way, which overcomes the duality.

A Paradox is a challenging puzzle until we solve the problem and see the opportunity that is presented.

Being able to perceive two different views from one single perspective will always overcome the paradox.