Pacifist & Activist

Neither a Pacifist nor an Activist has attained Peace.

Both Pacifists and Activists are seekers of Peace.

They both believe that their Peace is dependent on the actions or non-actions of other people.

Activists actively seek Peace, often by agressive and violent means.

Pacifists passively seek Peace by what they believe to be non-agressive and peaceful means.

There is no difference between a passive Activist and an active Pacifist. They are the same thing.

The only difference between an active Activist and a passive Pacifist is how they seek Peace.

The nobel peace prize is rarely awarded to One who has found Peace, mostly it is to those who have most actively or passively fought for Peace.

Peace is a state of Being that is attained when our Inner World is no longer in turmoil.

When we find our own Peace of Mind within, Peace becomes a reflection in our Outer World also.