Our True Identity

Our True Identity is who we really are.

Our True Identity is our Soul.

In the absence of, or disconnection from, our True Identity, we create an alter ego called our Self.

Our Self has two dimensions called our Character and our Personality.

The character of our Self is determined by our mental programmes and limiting beliefs that are contained in our sub-conscious Id.

The personality of our Self is determined by our emotional needs.

The character and personality that we adopt determine our Role in the Drama called Life.

Our Soul is a three dimensional Entity when viewed from the perspective of the Self:

  • The Attributes of our Soul are the emotional states of Being that our Soul has chosen to experience in this life-time.
  • The Attainments of our Soul are the feelings that our Soul has chosen to discover and attain in this life-time.
  • The True Values of our Soul are the actions that our Soul has chosen to explore in this life-time in order to facilitate discovering and experiencing its chosen attributes and attainments.

The Self sees its Self as a  personality and a character that has a role in life.

The Soul sees its Self through the Attributes, Attainments and True Values that it has chosen to experience, explore and discover in Life.

Our True Identity is realised once the Id of our Sub-conscious Self is united with the Entity of our Divine Soul.