Optimist & Pessimist

An Optimist looks at Life from a positive perspective.

A Pessimist looks at Life from a negative perspective.

An Optimist is optimistic about positive events occurring and pessimistic about negative things occurring.

A Pessimist is pessimistic about positive events occurring and optimistic about negative things occurring.

What determines our positive or negative outlook is our pessimistic or optimistic perspective.

By the Law of Attraction, we attract and experience what we focus our attention on.

An Optimist will attract a positive outcome and a Pessimist will attract a negative outcome, even though the actual outcome may be the same.

Both Optimists and Pessimists believe that we make our own luck. The question is “Whether we make good luck or bad luck”?

The Opportunist does not believe in Luck and knows that we all create our own Reality.