Opposites Attract

The Law of Attraction states that “Like Energy is drawn unto itself”.

The Law of Attraction is infallible and immutable, so how can opposites appear to attract?

The absolute reality is that opposite and opposing energies are the same energy.

A paradox is created, within our relative world of dual reality, where similar wavelengths of energy are divided by opposing genders.

Consciousness is divided in the human mind and processed either through our right or our left brain.

Wavelengths of thought that are processed with our right brain are perceived as having a female gender.

Opposing wavelengths of thought that have a male gender are processed through our left brain.

All wavelengths of thought energy are divided by gender and perceived as either male or female until we consciously learn to balance our thoughts emotionally and rationally.

Male thought energy is perceived from a rational perspective, whilst female thought energy perceives the emotional aspects as our perspective.

Even though male and female energy is perceived as opposite and opposing it is in reality the same wavelength of energy and attracts all similar wavelengths irrespective of gender.

N.B. The gender of our energy is not the sex of our physical body. Both men and women are capable of either right or left brain thinking and have the potential to reunite their rational and emotional energy and balance the wavelengths of their thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Opposites Attract

  1. theinnercoach

    All emotions are energetic states of being.
    Our sins and virtues are emotional states of being or feelings that are divided by gender.
    Most people easily recognise the 7 mortal sins as masculine gender and the 7 opposing virtues as feminine gender.
    You can read more about the gender, intensity and polarity of energy in “Without Sin” and “The Theory of Everything”.
    These are free to download as an e-book. Just click on “My E-Books” at the top of the page.

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