Opposing Polarities

Opposing magnetic poles attract. They align in a similar north-south direction.

Opposing energy polarities repel. They cannot align in opposing directions.

Opposing energy polarities are in reality moving in opposite directions and therefore appear to be moving away from each other.

Positive energies  and positive thinking people are repelled by negative energies and negative thinking people because they are moving in opposite directions.

People who think and speak negative thoughts and words and act with a negative behaviour do not appear attractive to positive people who think, speak and act in positive ways.

Positive people are not seen as attractive by people with a negative perspective of the world. They are seen as arrogant and self-righteous because negative people see negative traits in others.

Negatively polarised thought is attractive to other negative thinking people because they are travelling in a similar direction.

In the same way, positive thinking people are travelling in a similar direction even though they may have totally different thoughts.

Positive and negative are not inherently the same as good or bad.

Positive means flowing effortlessly with power. whereas negative means continually encountering resistance.

Positive is usually seen as a forward direction and negative as a backward motion.

What is truly attractive is a neutral polarity.

Energy that is undivided by polarity is neither positive nor negative but balanced and in harmony with our Divine Frequency of Light.