Ontology is the nature of Being.

Who we are Being is our nature.

Our nature is not a reflection of Nature but a reflection of who we are Being in any moment of time.

Ontology is the study of the essence of who we are Being.

Our personality is determined by our emotional needs.

Our character is determined by the limiting beliefs that decide our behaviour and the role that we are playing.

Our behaviour is determined by our standards and our boundaries, which are our beliefs and convictions.

Our True Identity is a reflection of our True Values.

Our True Identity is our Natural State of Being.

We are Naturally Well, Naturally Happy, and Naturally Worthy, Confident and Esteemed.

Our True Nature is seldom re-presented, as it is diluted by our beliefs, fears and emotional needs, which determine our character, personality and the dramatic roles that we have chosen to enact in this life-time.

Ontology is the study of both ‘who we are’, our character and personlity, and ‘who we really are’, our True Identity.