Oneness is a state of Being At One with our Self.

When we are At One with our Self, we have no inner conflict, denial or appeasement.

Without Oneness, we are divided by either our pride or our humility.

We will either express the virtues of our ego self with pride and exuberance or we will sub-consciously disguise our virtues with modest humility.

Either way we are putting on a false facade and masking who we really are.

Our ego self is caught up in the dramas of our mental beliefs and emotional needs and acts out the role that it has found best copes with each drama.

In the absence of Oneness and knowing our True Identity, we adopt a false character according to our programmed beliefs and a false personality according to our emotional needs.

Once our conscious ego Self becomes aware of our sub-conscious beliefs and emotional needs, it is then free to seek Oneness with the True Reality of our Soul.

The Oneness of our conscious and sub-conscious Self is an essential pre-requisite to the journey of seeking the Oneness of our Self with our Soul.

Our Real Self and our True Identity is known only to our Soul.