Obsessive, Compulsive, Behaviour.

Excessive means ‘too much’.

Excessive behaviour is seen as an obsession.

Compulsive means ‘to have to’.

Obsessive, Compulsive behaviour is due to having too many ‘have tos’.

Have-tos, musts, ought-tos, and shoulds, are all programmes that we have been taught to do, that are not our personal conscious choice, and are therefore without our own authority. 

Compulsory behaviour is what we do without thinking. It is a sub-conscious reaction with which we have been programmed by someone else’s authority.

Routines, habits and addictions are all orderly activities that we do regularly without consciously thinking.

Compulsory behaviour becomes obsessive when it takes over our life and becomes other than what we consciously want.

Behaviour becomes excessive and obsessive once we are no longer in control of what we are doing.

Orderly behaviour, that is routine, becomes disorderly and chaotic when we no longer choose to do it but are unable to stop.

We tolerate doing what we have-to, ought-to, should, or must.

When our tolerations become intolerable, our behaviour has become obsessive and compulsive.