Observing, Evaluating, Discerning

Observing, Evaluating, then Discerning is the process of growth and development through conscious personal choice.

We observe what others are doing and who others are being.

We can judge our observations to be good or bad actions by others, or we can be accepting that our observations are just that – observations.

With our observations, we can evaluate the value to our self, of what others are doing or being.

We can value the energy or the emotion of the person that is taking action and evaluate how valuable or worthy that energy is to our self.

We evaluate who others are being (their state of being) so as to discern whether their attributes (the state of being attributable to them) is of value to our self.

Personal Development & Spiritual Growth are a process of appreciating in value and self worth.

Once we have observed and evaluated who someone is being and what someone is doing, we can then discern whether their state of being and their action will add value to our Self, or depreciate who we are Being.

We observe and evaluate in order to discern whether our beliefs and our behaviour are expansive or contracting.