Negative Abundance

Negative Abundance is having an abundance of negative energy or having too much of a bad thing.

Negative Abundance is:

  • Having too much debt.
  • Having too many problems.
  • Having too many fears.

Too much debt depletes our power of self-worth.

Too many problems deplete our ability or self-esteem.

Too many fears deplete our authority to choose with self-confidence.

Those who live in the scarcity, frugality and poverty created by negative abundance will seek positive abundance.

Positive abundance is:

  • Too much money, which is gluttony (often confused with greed).
  • Solving all life’s problems, which is pride (confused with humility by the modest).
  • Suppressing all our fears, which is arrogance (often confused with courage).

When abundance is either positive or negative it will bring us either too little or too much, not enough or more than enough, scarcity or gluttony, frugality or extravagance, poverty or luxury.

From a spiritual perspective, both positive and negative abundance are a negative attainment.

True Abundance is neutral and balanced between not enough and more than enough.

Divine Abundance is Enough, it realises Contentment.

When we are content and have enough, we experience Abundance.

With enough Contentment we attain the state of Being Abundant.

Abundance attains harmony when it no longer ebbs and flows between negative and positive abundance.