Needs, Beliefs & Dramas

When we are not feeling contentment, we are experiencing a drama that is affecting our health. When totally content, we are healthy and when totally healthy, we are content.

When we are not feeling fulfilled, we are holding a belief that is affecting our wisdom. When totally fulfilled, we are wise and when totally wise, we are fulfilled.

When we are not feeling Joy, we are in need of emotional energy that is affecting our wealth. When totally joyful, we are wealthy and when totally wealthy, we are joyful.

Needs, beliefs and dramas interfere with and resist our happiness.

We cannot feel joy when we have unmet emotional needs.

We cannot feel fulfilled when we are being directed by limiting beliefs.

We cannot feel content when we are involved in playing out a drama in our life.

A drama is a role that we play act in life that is based on a belief that we have been given in life that is re-inforced by an emotional need that is unmet in our life.

An emotional need is a state of being without our true power.

A limiting belief is a personal truth that stops us connecting to our true authority.

A drama that we act out is created by the beliefs and the needs of our ego Self.

Life is a continuous drama until we connect to the power and authority of our Inner Coach.