My Seven Core Beliefs

“Life Just Is” whatever we create it to be. Life is an experience of reality that we have created with our thoughts, words and actions.

“We all have Choice” whether we choose to have or not. Choosing with a passionate desire is positive and attractive; wanting with a needy yearning is negative and repellant; and not wanting with a fearful dread is negative and attractive.

“There is enough” of everything for everyone. We all have the potential ability to attract whatever we choose once we access the magnitude of our power and the force of our authority.

“Love is the Way” and the positive emotion of Pure Joy. Joy is the emotion that we feel when we are connected to the Source of our Power, which is Love. The Joy of Pure Love experiences no resistance from Life.

“We are all Equal” in our ability to attract and create our own reality. Equability is the state of being with equal ability as all others. E-quality is determined by the quality of our E-nergy. In-equality means the quality of our creativity differs.

“Allow others to follow their path” and they will allow us to follow ours. The state of being ‘Allowing’ removes the influence of the thoughts, words, and actions of others, from our consciously-aware thoughts.

“Follow your own path” and we learn what we have come here to experience, explore and discover for our Self, as an emissary of our Soul.

These are my beliefs that create my reality and I consciously and consistently challenge them.