"My Quotations"

“Dreaming is our Destiny”

“The secret of happiness is knowing how to be happy”.

“Arrogance is pride without humility; greed without humbleness; and wrath without meekness”.

“You can’t have too much Self-Confidence”.

“The Scales of Justice balance at the fulcrum not at either end of a judgement of guilt or innocence”.

“Love is the power of positive emotion on which our thought is transmitted and received”.

“Science is understanding the world from Man’s perspective. Art is seeing the world from God’s perspective”.

“Seeing the world from God’s perspective is an Art”.

“Our Soul is truly selfish, it is only interested in the growth and development of its Self”.

“One choice is no choice, two choices is a dilemma, three choices is divine”.

“Our greatest fear is not of dieing, but of not living”.