Murphy's Law

Murphy’s Law states: “What can go wrong, will go wrong”.

Wrong is a subjective judgement of what we do not want to happen.

When something happens contrary to our wishes, we deem it to be wrong.

Right & wrong are a duality of wanting and desire.

Wanting and not wanting are a focus of our thoughts and what we focus on, we attract.

It is our belief that things can go wrong that make wrong things a reality.

In absolute reality there is no right or wrong, just the focus of our thoughts that creates our reality absolutely.

How we view that reality, in a positive or negative, male or female, active or passive way, is what makes it right or wrong.

Murphy’s Law is the Law of Attraction in reverse and is also called the Law of Reversed Action or the Law of Negative Attraction. (Positive means forward, negative means in reverse.)

What turns up in our life is what we focus our attention on, whether we believe it to be right or wrong is irrelevant.

When we believe in Murphy’s Law, also known as Sod’s Law, we believe that everything can go wrong because we are following, and are a victim of, our fate.

Once we understand the Law of Attraction, we can create our own reality consciously and follow our Destiny.