We are motivated to be right and to perform to the best of our ability. This is Pride.

We are motivated to have what other people have. This is Envy.

We are motivated to live in luxury and extravagance. This is Gluttony.

We are motivated to pursue and want whatever we desire. This is Lust.

We are motivated to win and to be better than everyone else. This is Greed.

We are motivated to lead others to follow our example. This is Wrath.

We are motivated to obtain knowledge, material wealth and status. This is Sloth.

When we are motivated by our sins, we see them as a virtue:

Our pride becomes humility.

Our envy becomes kindness.

Our extravagance becomes charity for the poor.

Our lust becomes love.

Our greed becomes pleasing.

Our wrath becomes meekness.

Our sloth becomes due diligence.

Once empowered by the attributes and attainments of pure Love, motivation becomes unnecessary.