Motivated & Empowered

We are sub-consciously motivated to get our emotional needs met.

We are super-consciously empowered to follow our true values.

Before we can be empowered by what we truly love to do, we must first be motivated to meet our emotional needs.

We are motivated to meet our emotional needs because motivation is the act of being driven to get our emotional needs met. The drive to get our emotional needs met is our motivation.

When we motivate others, we are meeting their emotional needs, and when we meet another’s needs emotionally, we are motivating them.

When we become empowered, we are connected to the source of our emotional power, we find our self-worth, and we fulfil our true values.

When we follow our true values, we experience our self-worth, feel empowered and are connected to our Source of Power.

When others motivate us, they are meeting our emotional needs, whether they are doing so consciously or sub-consciously.

We are never empowered by other people. Being empowered is not something that others can do to us, nor can we empower others.

Empowerment is a state of being connected our Self to the Source of our Power. When we connect others to the source of their power, we guide and support them to become empowered.