Motivated by Anger

We are motivated by anger when our patience runs out.

Our patience runs out when we no longer have enough emotional energy to wait for something to arrive or to happen.

We require patience to await the arrival of an expectation that does not have the power to manifest.

Anger is an expression of the disappointment experienced when what we are expecting does not materialise.

Waiting is an action that pushes against the flow of manifestation because it affirms the absence of what we are waiting for. Waiting is based on hope instead of our sense of knowing.

When we run out of patience, we face the dilemma of reacting in anger or facing a deep depression.

Our ability to depress anger will lead to our emotional energy becoming depressed.

Our ability to express anger is a demonstration of our inability to accept any more pressure that our resistance is causing.

When we go with the flow, there is no waiting, no patience is required, there is no expectation, no disappointment, no anger and no depression.

When we go with the flow, we are no longer motivated by anger, nor patiently waiting, we are empowered by love and allowing everything to manifest.