Money in the Bank

Having money in the bank allows us to rest on the bank of life instead of having to get into the stream of life.

When we stand in the stream, we have two choices: We can face upstream and resist the flow or we can face downstream and go with the flow.

Money gives us a breathing space of being able to get out of the stream, rest on the bank, and watch life flow by.

Too much money affords the security of staying on the bank and avoiding the rapids that lie downstream.

Money allows us the comfort of being able to climb the mountain without struggle. Yet it is not our journey to climb the mountain but to return to the ocean from whence we came.

Our journey down the river of life is inevitable. We can rest on the bank indefinately, but eventually we will have to face the rapids on our journey to the sea.

Inevitably in life, we will one day run out of money and have to face the ultimate choice.

Do we fight our way upstream against the odds, until we have enough money to once again take a well earned rest?

Or do we surrender to the flow of life and set off on our journey back to the ocean?

There is always enough of everything when we face our fears and go with the flow.