‘Man’ is the physical manifestation of Soul.

Woman & man is a duality of divided gender that is separated from their Soul.

The Soul is not divided by gender, nor is ‘Man’.

For a man or woman to become ‘Man’ as a physical incarnation, they are required to re-unite their opposing genders.

When man & woman experience a ‘coming’ together energetically they both, for a brief moment in time, experience the Oneness of Man & Soul.

The ‘Son of Man’ has the ‘Ability of Man’ to be united in their male and female gender, as is their Soul.

By the Law of Attraction, male and female energy will always seek to become re-united.

When male energy seeks female energy, it is called lust or wanting sex.

When female energy seeks male energy, it is called love or needing romance.

A True Soul connection is when ‘Man’ has the ability to share their Love & their Light with their fellow ‘Man’.