Lust & Need

When a man lusts after a woman, he is lusting after his True Power, not the woman.

When a woman ‘loves’ or emotionally needs a man, she needs her True Power, not the man.

Lusting after a woman has become seen as a man ‘just wanting sex’.

Man never just wants sex, he wants and lusts after the potency and power of being connected to the Absolute Power of Love.

When a woman needs a man emotionally, she is seen as the romantic heroine seeking her romantic hero to meet all her needs emotionally.

Women need romance and a romantic man to meet their emotional needs, before they have the energy to connect with their man to the Absolute Power of Love.

Lust and Need are a duality, that is an aspect of the Absolute Power of True Love, divided by male and female gender.

We express True Love when in a state of Being in Pure Joy with a partner that is in a state of Being in Pure Joy.

Is there anything that either men or women seek more?