Lust & Love

Lust is wanting and desiring the physical benefits and pleasures of life.

Lust is the male energy of desire.

Love, that is opposed to lust, is emotionally needing (as in: I would love to have) the emotional benefits or passions of life.

Love is the female energy of passion.

The greater our desire for physical or emotional gain, the greater we lust after it.

The greater our need for emotional gain, the more we will passionately love to have it.

Lust and love are the passionate desires of True Love, that are divided from each other by gender and are separated from True Love by their polarity.

A woman that sees a man’s lust as just his desire for physical sex, has not seen or felt his emotional needs.

A man that sees a woman’s love as her passion for him, has not seen or felt her emotional needs.

True Love is beyond the passionate needs and material desires of each individual partner.

True Love is neither divided by gender nor separated by polarity.