Loving & Liking

We love (need) someone who gives us emotional power (positive energy).

We fear someone who takes away (drains) our emotional power.

We like (are like) someone who shares and endorses our authority (positive choices).

We hate someone who takes away or deprives us of our authority and choice.

We love (need) someone of the opposite gender because they make us feel whole.

We like (are like) someone of a similar polarity because they share our beliefs and our reality.

People who we like, who are like us, become our friends because we share the same interests or are interested in similar (like) things.

People who we love, are people who we need, because they make us feel whole.

Friends are people who meet our emotional needs. We either like or love them depending on whether they meet our need for power or authority.

We need people who we either like or love until we learn to connect consciously to our own Source of Power & Authority (our Inner Coach).

Once connected to our own Power and Authority, we can share the Power of our Love with others of a Like Authority, who make congruent choices and create concordant realities.