Love, Power & Space

Love, Power & Space are three different perspectives of the same thing.

They are all synonyms for our Personal Emotional Energy, which is our State of Beingness.

When our emotional power is low, we either need to be Loved by another or we need to get away from another and find our Space.

In our Space, we connect to our Source of Emotional Power that is Love.

When we connect to another emotionally, we share our Space, feel Loved, and feel connected to our Power.

Our need to be Loved and our need for Space are created by our disconnection from our Emotional Power.

When we have enough Space and enough Love, we no longer need boundaries to protect our power from an energetic attack from another.

When we need to contain our emotional Power, it is limited and vulnerable to attack from another who needs our Love and will trespass across our boundaries and into our Space.

It is in the ‘gap’ of Space that we connect to our True Power of Love.