"Life is a Three Act Drama"

Life is a three act drama.

In the first Act, we play the Problem Solver.

The 1st Act is a negative perspective of life that sees all occurrences as a problem that needs to be solved.

Life is a Trial.

Eventually the Problem Solver realises that no matter how many problems they solve, problems continue to occur.

In the 2nd Act, we play the Adventurer.

The 2nd Act is where the problem solver becomes a Pioneer, who challenges life to no longer be a problem.

The Pioneer sees that all challenges may have either a positive or a negative outcome based on their individual power to succeed.

Life becomes a Quest.

In the 3rd Act we play the Opportunist.

The 3rd Act is when we know that all our challenges will succeed and become a positive opportunity.

The opportunist knows that from their perspective all outcomes are positive and there is no failure in life.