Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

“Let sleeping dogs lie” means do not ‘rock the boat’, don’t ‘upset the apple-cart’, and ‘bite your tongue’, in order to appease a vain, arrogant and proud bully.

It is to tolerate what is uncceptable yet not yet intolerable.

There is however a deeper meaning to “let sleeping dogs lie”:

Sleeping dogs are unawakened sinners who are creating a reality that is a lie and not their Truth.

We all have choice and we all create our own reality, whether a sinner or a saint.

Someone who appears to lie or tell untruths has a continuously fluid and changing reality. They have no consistency and no conformity to other people’s reality.

Unawakened people believe that there is only one truth and they work very hard to ensure that their reality conforms to ‘the truth’. Any reality that differs from their truth is deemed a fantasy and a lie.

The Awakened Soul knows that in the relative world of dual reality exists both truth and untruth depending on one’s personal perspective. Personal perspective is based on one’s individual view of reality and truth. However Divine Truth exists only in the Realm of the Absolute until we make that our reality.

When we understand the perspective of both the unawakened self and the awakened soul, we know that sleeping dogs will always lie, yet we are transparent to the victimhood of their sin and untruth.

We are sensitive to the reality of all others yet detached from it.