Natural Leadership qualities are the product of the nature of the leader.

A natural follower has the qualities and the nature of a follower.

What decides our nature and our qualities to either lead or follow, are our emotional needs.

Leaders need to be right, need to be better than others, need to be recognised and need to be acknowledged.

Leaders by nature are proud, greedy and arrogant.

Leaders appear to have power, authority and ability.

True Leaders are connected to their own source of power, authority and ability.

Natural leaders seek power, authority and ability over other people, because they need to achieve, they need to win, and they need to be appreciated, accepted and revered by others.

These are just some of the emotional needs that determine the nature of natural leaders, and the nature of their determination.

True Leaders are neither driven by their emotional need for power, nor their fears and false beliefs regarding authority and responsibility.

True Leaders have the ‘ability to respond’. They do not react and conflict with the dramas of Life that confront them.

True Leaders feel their true power, know their true authority and see the bigger picture of their Life and the ability that they have to ‘lead’ their own Life.