Knowing Intuitively

Knowing in the imagination of our mind is our sense of seeing intuitively.

Knowing in our solar plexus or nervous system is our sense of feeling intuitively.

Knowing in our heart or at the core of our Being is our sense of knowing intuitively.

Knowing intuitively is our spiritual connection to our Inner Teacher or Inner Coach that provides us with our inner tuition or our spiritual messages, lessons and directives from our Soul.

Thinking connects us to the mind of our conscious ego self and the sub-conscious will of our instinctive id that drives us to get our needs met in order to survive.

Survival in this world requires instinct. Living in this world as a spiritual Being experiencing a physical existence, requires knowing intuitively what the right choice is for us.

When I know intuitively what is right for me then I intuitively know I am making the right choice for me. When I allow my id or ego self to make up my mind, I will be instinctively surviving a physical existence completely disconnected from my true vision and purpose in life.

My Soul never makes a wrong choice for me. It is only my ego with the direction of my id that is capable of judging whether a choice is right or wrong for me.

We always have a choice and we can always choose between our instinct for survival and intuitively knowing who we are.