Knowing is an awareness of being consciously connected to the core of our spiritual  essence.

Our awareness of knowing is our connection to our spiritual authority at the heart of our Being.

We are conscious of what we know to be real with our five physical senses.

We are aware of what we do not know to be real with our three spiritual senses of Knowing, Seeing & Feeling.

Moving to a state of Knowing that we do not know, allows us to access our sense of Knowing through revelation.

When we think that we know everything then this becomes our reality and the doors, that open us up to new revelations, remain firmly closed.

To Know the answers, we must first find the questions that will reveal the answers.

We are already aware of the answers but we will not consciously remember them until we unlock the awareness with a conscious question.

An Epiphany or Ah! Ha! Moment is a revelation of Knowing the answer to the question that we have been asking.

The right question will always unlock the door to our Knowing.

“Ask and it shall be given”