Kindness is an aspect of love that we share with people of our kind.

People who we like, who are like us, are our kind of people.

We are kind to our kind of people, our kith and kin.

We give generously to our kind of people.

We are kind and generous to our kin, our kith and our kind.

The belief that we are not all the same creates the existence of unkindness.

We are unkind, disconnect from and reject people who we believe are unlike ourselves and not our kind.

When we believe that someone is unlike us, by way of being better or more fortunate than we are, with more money, more status or more knowledge, we may envy them rather than be unkind to them.

We envy people who are not like us because they have what we believe that we want and do not have.

Kind and generous people relieve our envy by giving us what we believe that we want and need.

Unconditional kindness is a state of knowing that we are at One, Connected and Equal to all others.

When we know that we are all the same yet we are all different, we attain a state of Kindness with everyone.