Divine Justice is assured.

The Law of Attraction just is.

The Law of Attraction delivers the Golden Rule perfectly and with absolute certainty.

The Golden Rule is: “What we give out we will receive” and “What we do unto others, others will do unto our self” because like energy is drawn unto itself.

The Universe is a self balancing system. There are no loop-holes and no mitigating circumstances.

In ignorance of the Golden Rule or in denial of it, Man has instituted his own Justice System.

Man’s Justice System is the product of Man’s collective beliefs and convictions, and it convicts people based on those beliefs.

Man’s Laws are never God’s Laws because God has no Laws.

Even the Law of Attraction is not a Law but the Nature of God and the Universe. It is Natural Law. It is Nature.

Man’s Justice System is another name for legalised revenge.

It is based on the philosophy of “An eye for an eye”, which translates as “Do unto others as others have done unto you”.

God’s Nature is Divinely Just with Unconditional Forgiveness.

A Divine Nature has no judgement, no blame, no condemnation and no punishment or suffering is ever required.