Jealousy is the feeling of not being needed.

When we need to be needed, we feel not needed, unwanted and abandoned, which is jealousy.

The greater our need to be needed, the more intense is our jealousy concerning the person who appears not to need us or want us.

When our partner needs to be cared for or needs us to meet their emotional needs, we feel needed and our emotional need to be needed disappears. We need to be needed when we don’t feel needed and when we feel needed, we don’t need to be needed.

Jealousy is the fear of being abandoned or rejected by someone who appears not to need us to meet their needs emotionally.

Our jealous fears will sub-consciously seek to control the one we need to meet our emotional needs.

This jealous control will eventually drive the one who is controlled to feel deprived of their freedom and independence.

The need to be needed compliments the need to be cared for and two complimentary needs always create a co-dependent relationship.

The state of being co-dependent on each other deprives each partner of their freedom.

The need for independent personal growth will always divide the partnership, until an inter-developmental relationship is established, that allows each partner to meet their own needs separately and together, in a mutually beneficial relationship of expansive personal spiritual development and growth.