Intuition is our 6th sense and our spiritual intelligence. What we call our sixth sense is in reality our 3 spiritual senses.

Our 5 physical senses are how we experience the conscious physical world with our eyes, ears, touch, smell and taste.

Our 3 intuitive senses are how we become aware and experience the spiritual world of energy by ‘seeing’, ‘feeling’ and ‘knowing’.

Those who use their intuitive sense of knowing are called ‘Gnostics’.

Those who use their intuitive sense of feeling (including intuitive taste and smell) are called ‘Sensitives’.

Those who use their intuitive sense of seeing are called ‘Seers’ or ‘Visionaries’.

We are ‘conscious’ of the physical material world. We are ‘aware’ of the spiritual intuitive world of energy. We are consciously-aware when we use all our physical and intuitive senses together.

‘Instinct’ is reactive and often negative and fear driven. Its purpose is survival.

‘Intuition’ is pro-active and responsive and always positive. Its purpose is personal development and spiritual growth.

Instinct is controlled by our sub-conscious mind. Intuition is guidance from our super-conscious mind.

The Source of our Intuition is called many things:

·         Our Source

·         Our Inner Tutor (Inner Tuition)

·         Our Wise Teacher

·         Our Inner Guidance System

·         Our Inner Self

·         Our Real Self

·         Our Unconscious Self

·         Our Still Small Voice

·         Our Core Essence

·         Our Heart

·         Our Supreme Consciousness

·         Our Soul

·         Our Inner Coach

2 thoughts on “Intuition

  1. theinnercoach

    You have wisely discerned that there is a distinction between our Source and our Origin.
    I refer to My Source as the source of my Spiritual Power, Authority & Ability.
    Some may say that our Origin is from:
    God, Oneness, All that Is, the Alpha & the Omega etc.
    However, does a Spiritual Entity that is infinite and eternal have a beginning or an end, a start or a finish, an origin or a destination?
    The original and only source of my intuition is my Inner Coach.
    The origin and source of your intuition is your Inner Coach, although you are free to call your Inner Teacher by whatever name you choose.

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