Intimacy & Oneness

Intimacy or ‘in-time-acy’ is being in the flow and is the harmony of concordant motion. When our motion is concordant and harmonises with another we are ‘in-time’ and share intimacy.

Oneness or ‘one-energy-ness’ is being in the gap and is a communion of the energy of space. When our energy is common with another we are in the gap and at One.

Before we can be at One with another we are required to be at One with our self, which means our Self is at one with our Soul.

At Oneness with another means our Souls are in union or whole communion with each other. A holy communion of Souls requires a oneness of gender in the gap between all opposites.

Oneness is sharing the same space as another in mutual attention of each other. Attention or awareness of space and where each other are, is essential to experiencing Oneness.

Intimacy requires the discernment of another’s path and the ability to see another’s vision through the mission that they are undertaking. Discernment is conscious choice with awareness of intention.

Intimacy requires a common polarity of direction so that energy flows congruently, melodiously, and effortlessly,  without entropy or resistance.

The greatest gifts that we can share with another are the energies of Time & Space. When we share our time together and we share our space together, we experience Intimacy & Oneness.

Oneness unites the power of two individuals with the Intimacy of a shared authority.