Inter-dependency is a complimentary spiritual relationship between two awakened people.

An Independent person follows their own path and allows their partner to follow their own path. They create two different realities that will eventually divide their relationship.

Co-dependent partners need each other to be their source of power. They compromise their true power by following the lead and the authority of the most dominant will or ego. As one partner dominates the other must or is forced to be submissive otherwise conflict reigns.

Co-dependent partnerships stop each partner becoming independent. Independence is lost or becomes forfeit for the sake (needs) of the relationship.

Once limiting beliefs have been challenged and emotional needs are met, two independent and awakened souls may embark on a journey towards inter-dependence.

An inter-dependent relationship occurs when each partner shares equal ability as one partner provides the power and the other the authority.

The rational male energy in the partnership becomes exclusively-connected as the authority and the emotional female energy becomes sensitively-detached as the power. The uniting of the emotional power and the rational authority allows the partnership the ability to grow spiritually and be expansive.

As each partner grows to become emotionally rational in their own ability the partnership expands to become inter-developmental.