Inspired & Empowered

We are inspired by the power of our Soul with emotion. When excited with emotion, we are empowered and inspired.

When we are nervous with emotion, we are experiencing resistance to the flow of empowered inspiration. This resistance is limiting and demotivating, and in the extreme can render us frozen with fear.

How limiting and debilitating our fears are is directly proportional to our negative beliefs, which deprive us of our true authority.

Our Soul has no distinction between our power and our authority. We create the distinction with our relative, limiting beliefs.

When we are nervous, we have the power without the authority to flow with it.

When we are passionately excited with empowered inspiration, we have no resistance, and therefore, we have the authority to use the power with full ability and the ability to use the power with full authority.

fear is our resistance to our ‘soul inspired’ power. It is the lack of authority that limits our power due to a false belief from a false authority.

The empowered inspiration of our Inner Coach is always fully authorised, until that is, our Self gets in the way and resists the flow with its negative beliefs.

Power without authority limits ability. Full ability is always present when our empowered inspiration is unrestricted and in full flow.

Nervous tension or resistance is instantly overcome by the excitement of Divine Revelation. When our Divine Authority is revealed in the moment, we are inspired and empowered to change the limiting beliefs that create our negative fears.

The undivided power and authority of our Soul enables inspiration and revelation to fuel our imagination to create the life of our dreams that we know as ‘Paradise on Earth’ or ‘Heaven’.